In ordinary life journey forward in ease of walking

Life is so special. The world ever, the panorama, all mortal beings, we are just ordinary people, such as the grass in the spring of bright-coloured, Brook in the vast sea, more like white clouds to the endless blue skies of sth After all, earth-shattering, morning star, most people can only walk out of the ordinary, and willing to silence in the ordinary life. Therefore, the plain is the mainstream of our lives.

In ordinary life journey forward, in ease of walking, discover the pleasures of the life pursuit. Our top winds violent wave, use my whole life to overcome the difficulties we Unlearning open-minded, take good care of others, learn to ask someone to forgive ourselves also forgive; our career, friendship, revel in high mountain flowing water, infatuation in the four seasons scenery, live is the only self, handsome self, true self.

Yes, but the ordinary life, we will get to appreciate the ordinary precious lives of the ordinary in this ordinary life! We work hard to enjoy in the quiet mood er Quan Ying Yue or dull mind listening to leak bands breaking rain drops knock on the window, one thought Kiss sth Insipid as water in the atmosphere, plain our feelings and in the delivery of ordinary life, to experience the true taste of life, and appreciate the unique mood of ordinary.

Trivial is a light so intoxicated with their own lives. Admiration of life even in the absence of speculation nor posterity, they all make you feel a sanctity of life and dignity. Our music doesn't fall to the likes of mediocrity for the ordinary people, we are not willing to insult, we will not go down, our ordinary life until emotions, career, life in the realm of the ordinary, was that the colorful, bright colorful.

Road is the only--tender is complementary to be full of wisdom

Don't think emotion is too complex. Love is not synonymous with marriage. There is a kind of love in the world, there is no luxury, not who is right, nor margin of shallow deep love. Does not meet, who can't resist "understood and understand your" charm. Has a special liking for criticism, appreciation of each other without sin, but turned and also reasonable. Love, that in the world, what the margin, not causes, "" the no solution. Road is the only--tender, is complementary to be full of wisdom; contrast with, is a beautiful point shenque broken; but, is a complex sublimation; read, is a different kind of beauty!

Don't take life too difficult, grateful he still live in this world. Through life hotel, renshicangsang, who are worried, sad, there will be a continuous rain of Han Xiao hidden bitterness, there will be yueluowuti and dreary. But life does not allow us to squander the limited is part of life's bitter sweet and sour. Experienced a cold haze which help us raise only cocoon on a sunny day. Prosperity falls flat, after the uproar, still quiet. After the experience, days are still pouring in the dull and serene sth

Don't think too much, no one is perfect, not all things such as a person. Simple, ordinary life, is and so on.

Days such a clear light. Flat where, in ease, such as leisurely flowing water, saying it well: pen pouch. In the days of this mediocre mortals also escape clearing, pale
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