Met also ensures us that we are passing

Dreaming of you come to, we have known each other in the "get off the Xia and lonely strive for tiger Cheap RS Gold, co-v-one a grievance" in the years, we know in the "Golden Autumn leaves yellow Indus, drew the night cream not volume" of sleepless nights, we cherish the "Fisherman's broad, Pure swallows fly fly" together night.

Feng Lin dye the maze, Interworking between our souls, hearts stayed warm; GUI inferior spirit born of the night, we on candle, get carried away; autumn winds wreak havoc on the shore, we light we make promises, linger on; geese fly south in the North of that moment, we do not say goodbye, as always.

Sometimes is not to understand everything, just don't want to understand it, sometimes is not known, just don't want to say it, sometimes is not understood, but quite understand, so he remains silent.

Met also ensures us that we are passing rather than people, moral bottom line in there and show it's magic, stolen happiness can last long?

How far is it always we like. Afraid because this will never lose all say "your place is Heaven, even if it is hell, I was prepared to travel together", but no one knows "heaven and hell two hearts burn" moments we cannot foresee, but the smoke room burning heart-how to take?

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