There is a piece of snow falling in the air

Sometimes, to go back to some quiet place, one quiet daze, and no one to bother, would have been so quiet, quiet, quiet you wowgold can hear your own heartbeat, "banging. "Only a staring blankly staring at a point, I heard only the sound of the wind, quiet interest.

This winter, like snowflakes. Open the Windows, sky and the Earth as a whole, white. This is winter in the white world. There is a piece of snow falling in the air. Crystal clear titou, sticks out his tongue to pick the white Angel, mouths are slightly cold. Moment into the tongue. Snow turned out to be the taste, cool, sweet. Walking in the snow, himself, only to reveal a pair of eyes. Depths above with glove hands, holding a pile of snow on the drafting, was so white, so pure, as is the absence of dirt, is so simple! Winter turned out to be white. Falling snowflakes swirl, fell on my head, and body, I would like to integrate into the snow, was himself into the white of snow. No leisure AIDS world full of silence.

Thinking of connect the dots, sometimes very lonely, is lonely. Sometimes I'd like to think the original is just one person, to the left to see his own shadow, looking to the right, only the hint of street lamps accompany himself.

tag : wowgold


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