It will to days stayed up into variety of porridge

Their married life is like rice, is an integral part of the staple food of life. Although not as good as delicacies like delicious, but never leave it. It will take you to a variety of vitamins, protein, cellulose, starch. Guards life's basic supply of solid, maybe it nutrition not comprehensive, not rich, not luxury, but it is practical and safe enough (except for HIV rice now), although it was not expensive supplements, is not a cure all diseases drugs, but can also give enough of happiness and romance, as long as you work hard.

It will to days stayed up into variety of porridge, can sweet, and can salt, and can waxy, and can stick, and time more long stayed up of more has taste; it also will to feelings wrapped into dumplings, sweet sticky sticky of how are cannot separate; it will holds everyone of having, regardless of is beans, and meat, and fish, and shellfish, and sugar, and dish class, and hairs class, and medicine class, and or is mixed class, it will harmony, made do food and raised products, different degree to moisturizing with you life in the of the needs and supply, conditioning with does not shun of gas, let you heart Shu God CHEONG.

Looking back 25 years, they struggle to earn enough staple of rice, making appropriate, development of Hexin delicious, create plenty of atherosclerotic, reconcile a marriage life bit by bit.

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